Business Services

Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

safetySuitToday’s businesses are using more and more electronic devices. It’s very common to have numerous devices plugged into a single outlet. Our businesses required more advanced technology and it’s very easy to simply overwhelm existing electrical wiring. An additional electrical panel will ensure you have all the power necessary to run your business safely and avoid fire danger, data loss or employee injury.


Commercial Energy Savings and Audits

ceilingRepairEnergy costs can quickly cut into your profits. Call Duncan Electric to assess your company’s electrical needs and help you correct any inefficiencies which will result in bringing your energy bills down. We can upgrade to LED Lighting and install energy-efficient light fixtures. All of this together can help bring bills down. We can give you an electrical wiring inspection which may uncover any safety risks or energy wasters at your business location.


Commercial Generators

Just because the power goes out doesn’t mean your business needs to stop running. Duncan Electric can put your mind at ease by installing a backup power generator that will keep your business running and your computer systems safe and operational.


Solar Energy Systems

solar-panels-reflecting-the-sky-1364625-mMore businesses are seeing the value in using solar energy systems to reduce their carbon footprint, increase your property value, and save on energy bills. Give us a call and let us help you to see if solar energy can help you safe on your energy bill.